Speak Outs For The Week Of Sept. 16

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Iíll Remember That

Speak Out,

Yes, I would like to know what it is, I donít understand, I guess the election is over until this fall but I can tell because our gravel road isnít getting graded again. Heck before the primaries they were grading about every other week it seemed like. Now the gravel road is in terrible shape, Iíll remember that again this fall when the real election happens. Thank you.

Thank You

Speak Out,

Iíd like to applaud the local businesses who have the beautiful flower planters out front. And especially the ones in front of Doniphan Flowers. Theyíre so beautiful and I really do enjoy them. Thank you for planting them.

Thankful For

Law Enforcement

Speak Out,

First off, Iím not a real political person. I do vote. I just wanted to say regardless of democrat or republican, any of these leaders in these cities that are allowing people to literally burn their city down, shame on them. I donít care if youíre democrat or republican, I just want to say that Iím thankful that we have law enforcement and leadership in our area that would not allow this to happen. Once again, thank you to the men and women in blue and the leadership of our little town.


Speak Out,

I have loved donating to and shopping at the local Current River Sheltered Workshop for many years. I was very hopeful when, recently, the management was replaced. It does look cleaner and more organized, but that is the only good thing. The new lady who works there in the re-sale store has raised the prices on all items. I used to feel good shopping there because I knew my money was going to help the workers there. I, like most people in Ripley County, live on a fixed income and have to spend carefully. I can no longer afford to shop at the Sheltered Workshop. The employers may want to remember that everything in the shop is donated from this community and it is there to help this community.

By raising the prices so much, they will find that no locals will shop there.

I am very disappointed in the board for allowing this to happen. CRSW is not a specialty store or an antique dealer. Wake up board and management. The people who most need you can no longer rely on you.

That is outrageous.


One Very Sad Former CRSW Supporter

Sad Former Shopper

Speak Out,

To my community and the board at Current River Sheltered Workshop:

I am a young widowed mother of three school-age children.

My husband died suddenly in 2017. Since then my finances have been a struggle and I have relied on CRSW to clothe my children for school and myself for work.

Yesterday I stopped at CRSW and found a few items of clothing for my children. There was a new woman working and she told me my total was $18. In the past, these few items would have cost maybe $5. I did not have that much and told her Iíd have to put things back.

She said loudly, that, if I could prove I was in need by showing an EBT or Medicaid card that I could get 50 percent off.

I am a hard worker and pride myself on not accepting government assistance.

I was terribly embarrassed that I did not have enough money and that everyone in the store was aware of it by her speaking so loudly.

She said the resale shop is now a boutique and they were selling nicer stuff. That is not the purpose of a sheltered workshop.

I feel it is morally wrong, if not illegal, to charge different prices to different people.

I go to the sheltered workshop, like everyone else, because I am in need.

To be treated with such indignity is unacceptable. Please address this. I now have to drive to Poplar Bluff to be able to afford second-hand clothing.


A Sad ďFormerĒ CRSW Shopper