Speak Outs For The Week Of Sept. 23

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Learn Your History

Speak Out,

Iíve been listening to the news about policemen getting shot. This is history repeating itself. Because if you donít know history, it will repeat itself. Cops were shot in the 70s all the time and it was crazy and they were called names, and people had no respect for them, especially teenagers. Itís just repeating itself, and people are rioting again, 70s, 90s, it is upsetting, not right but it is happening, learn your history, see the signs and watch your kids.

Speed Limit Is Too High

Speak Out,

I guess Iíd like to address this to why all the accidents? Iím a delivery driver and I noticed it seems there have been a lot of accidents up around McDonalds and 24/7 through that busy intersection there in town. My deal is I think the speed limit is too fast through there. Down around Town & Country itís 35 but you get to the most busy part of town and it is 45. I come through there yesterday and there was an accident there in front of 24/7, here a couple of weeks ago there was one down there at the intersection in front of McDonalds, oh about a month or so I came through there and they had one there across from Parts City there by the Chevy place and I think the speed limit is too fast through there. The most busy part of town and the speed limit is 45 but everywhere else itís lower. Maybe the people in charge of the speed limit going through there need to think about lowering it down to 35 like they did there at Town & Country.