Highway K Fire Department Expanding Boundaries After Little Black VFD Closes

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
The Highway K Volunteer Fire Department is now serving areas of Ripley County formerly served by the Little Black VFD.

Due to the closing of the Little Black Volunteer Fire Department, the Highway K Volunteer Fire Department will assume fire protection services in the areas of Ripley County formerly served by the Little Black VFD.

This area (see map) includes properties along both sides of Highway 21 North to the county line, the west side of Highways NN and O as well as County Roads O-1, O-2, O-3, O-4, O-5, 21N-18, and any private property located within the U.S. Forest Service area near the river.

The Highway K VFD encourages everyone living within the previous Little Black fire district to please help support Highway K VFD by paying your yearly $35 subscription. Subscriptions can be mailed to P.O. Box 74, Doniphan Mo., 63935.

If you have any questions feel free to contact: Gene Steele, board president (573) 996-2276, or Greg Greenwood, fire chief (573) 996-5872. Email: Highwaykvfd@gmail.com Facebook: Highway K Firedept.

Anyone with questions, concerns or just wanting to visit is welcomed to come to the next regularly scheduled board meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 2, at the firehouse. The firehouse is located one-quarter mile down Highway K on the left.

They are always looking for new volunteers. If interested please contact them.

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