What Do We Have To Lose?

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Speak Out:

This country and Missouri have been taking a beating from Covid and we are not doing what we should to try and slow it down. I can go to town and into stores and see almost no one wearing a mask. We know that masks work and yet too many are not wearing them and not taking COVID seriously. If all the merchants in this county would make all of their employees wear masks and put a sign on their door that you could not come in unless wearing a mask and enforce it, we could slow this thing down. I know what Iím saying would not be easy but if we care about our loved ones we have got to make some drastic changes in our behavior.

Also, all churches need to make mask wearing mandatory and practice social distancing. Large gatherings should be banned. What do we have to lose? Nothing. What do we have to gain? Maybe a loved one's life.