Naylor Pre-K Share ĎWhat I Am Most Thankful Forí

Friday, November 20, 2020
Naylor Pre-K students include (front from left) Brenna Wright, Abigail Moore, Austin Johns, Miley Edwards; (middle) Zaden Burns, Easton Pyle, Wesley Joplin and Blakely Strohmeyer; (back) Kasen Cullison, Kaylee Dragon, Dominic Simmers and Archer Fisher.
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Abigail Moore - Iím thankful for my friends and all my family and my animal I gots at my home.

Archer Fisher - Iím thankful for my toys and stuff.

Austin Johns - Iím thankful for chicken and pizza! Thatís what I like to eat!

Easton Pyle - Iím thankful for my mom making me stuff and she always takes care of me.

Kasen Cullison - Iím thankful for playing outside and my horses and hunting with my dad and brother. We hunt squirrel!

Kaylee Dragon - Iím thankful for my family and my Barbies and when we go on vacation.

Miley Edwards - Iím thankful for shopping with my mommy, sometimes we have to take my brother but thatís ok. Oh and my kitty.

Wesley Joplin - Iím thankful for my family and my toys and the food that my mommy fixes me. She can really cook good!

Zaden Burns - Iím thankful for my trampoline and my swing set, they are outside toys, we canít have them inside.

Brenna Wright - Iím thankful for my daddy, my mommy, my Jessie, my Briley!

Blakely Strohmeyer - Iím thankful for Jo Jo, that show I like, and my family and all my friends!

Dominic Simmers - Iím thankful for my remote control car and my toys and my house and all my stuff.

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