Speak Outs For The Week Of Feb. 10

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Ugly Business

Speak Out,

Hey, about those riots in D.C. at the capitol building, that would have happened no matter who won. Both sides are very passionate, angry and violent for their candidate. It is ugly business isn’t it?

Closed Minded

Speak Out,

In response to the Speak Out from Jan. 27 “Young Girl’s Trip To Washington”, that person hit the nail on the head, everything was peaceful where she was at. One sentence was correct, “the older adults are so filled with anger” and don’t want to hear somebody else’s opinion, that’s right, they are very closed minded and blinded by the light of what is really going on. Thank you.

Owed An Apology

Speak Out,

I want to respond to Jan. 27 edition of The Prospect-News “Young Girl’s Trip To Washington”, I agree the young girl and The Prospect-News is owed an apology. The Prospect-News reported a story from a girl that was there, they were not. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Third Grade Bully

Speak Out,

I think that Senator Hawley writes like a Princeton Law graduate however his actions remind me more of a third grade bully. Thank you.

Safe Places

Speak Out,

Harbors are safe places to be, that’s not what ships are built for.

Got To Do Better

Speak Out,

Hey ya’ll, you’ve got to do better. This morning on my way to work groups of folks were standing around smoking and flinging their butts like it just doesn’t matter that the trash they make finds its way down to the river and eventually destroys our ecosystem. You’ve got to put a stop to being a litter bug. Why are people still smoking anyway?