Letter to the Editor

To The Editor ... Kirkwood Residents Seeks Help With Little Cemetery

Friday, January 7, 2022


I think your paper did a story on the Little Cemetery. If you have it in your files, would you please print it again or send a copy to me?

We are the last of the Blake family. My sister Joy Blake Hall is 81 and lives in Los Angeles. I am 89 and live in St. Louis. Our father was W.O. Blake. E.R. Blake was his brother, and his sister was Pearl Blake Elkins. Our brother Donnie Gene Blake, our sister, Patsy Ruth Blake, and a cousin Guy McKinney are all there.

My aunt Pearl Elkins worked on the cemetery every year. I know second cousin Bob Elkins has over the years cut the grass and fixed the fence.

The cemetery needs more work now. It needs to be cleaned and graves filled in.

We would like to know if there are any people still alive who have relatives there. Maybe they would be willing to donate a little money. I know my sister and I would be willing. Iím sure Bob can hire someone if he canít do the work.

Ruby Blake Critzas

Kirkwood, Mo.

*Editorís Note: We are unable to locate the article that you are referring to. Possibly some of our readers are able to help.