Isnít This Great!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Speak Out,

Hey, you Dems out there that voted for Biden - donít you just love the high gas prices and the prices of food that is going up daily. Plus the fact Bidenís policies to shut down all the pipelines.

Have you heard, we may have brown outs this summer, so get out your hand fans. I canít believe what a great job Biden is doing.

Crime is rampant in the cities. People are getting murdered every weekend in Chicago, New York, etc.

Also, his policies on slaughtering babies in and outside the womb. Dems are demonstrating and threatening violence if they donít get their way on killing more babies.

Biden opened the border. Millions are coming into our country and we do not know who they are, so get ready everybody, they are coming to your town, so your taxes will be going up to care for these people.

What about baby formula? Biden said he wasnít aware until April. The plant was shut down in February.. Parents are scrambling to find formula for their babies. But the Dems are for abortion, so it is no surprise that they could care less if the babies have formula.

We have a couple of more years of Biden and the Dems. They have succeeded in destroying most of our country.

I canít wait to see what is coming before the Dems are booted out of control.

God Help Us! We, as a country need His intervention!