Letter to the Editor

To The Editor ...

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


I’m writing in reference to resolving a safety issue with several intersections in Doniphan, primarily the entrance to Doniphan on Jefferson Street. I feel this intersection should be made more visible with white and yellow striping.

As you are turning right off the highway onto Jefferson Street, you enter an “abyss”. There are no markings to guide you. I visited with an employee of Doniphan, and was told this project has been pending, waiting for funding, for two years. I also mentioned two other locations, and was told by the same individual, that these had been marked prior to 4th of July. I saw no improvements at these locations.

When I drove a school bus, there were several rural roads that would have been hidden at dusk/dark save for the reflective tape applied to the sides of stop signs at these entrances. I hope we see changes soon.

Thank you,

Becky Hill