Speak Outs For The Week Of Sept. 2

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Good Guy With A Gun

Speak Out,

Good afternoon, I would like to address comments in last weekís Prospect-News (Aug. 26 Speak Out) about the person complaining about somebody being in Walmart with a pistol. I donít think a person walking around in diapers is gonna be carrying a pistol. I personally pack, I pack everywhere I go, I am permitted to pack. You ought to be thankful that somebody might be in there that could stop a crime against your family, against your children or your grandchildren. I donít think somebody walking around in diapers is going to be packing a pistol or handgun. So, you ought to be thankful cause, here again the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is (a good guy with a gun).

Help Someone

Speak Out,

Hey young people, are you having financial or personal problems? Before you pick up that beer, pick up a hammer, help an elderly neighbor repair their home. Before you down that whiskey, push a lawn mower, trim some hedges. Elderly people appreciate stuff like that and they will pay you. They have a habit of doing that. Remember, before you drown your sorrows help someone.