Low Water Bridge Needs Replaced

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Speak Out,

I would like to address this gravel road issue we’re having in the Fairdealing area. I live on County Road 30-E off of 160 and I saw in the paper that due to all the rains that they ain’t able to keep up on the gravel roads. Well my issue is with the low water bridge. I was told several years ago we was gonna take care of that problem. Every time we get any kind of rain and it washes out because it needs replaced or a horn put in there or something. You know this has been going on for several years because my wife’s car really drags there going to and from work. But I don’t know, we’ve talked to people that we thought would get the problem taken care of and we’ve been taken care of and we’ve been told several times that it’s in the works of getting it replaced.