Letter to the Editor

To The Editor ... Senate Candidate Supports Medicaid Expansion

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


As the Democratic candidate for Missouri’s 33rd Senatorial District, I talked and worked a lot to try to help rural Missourians understand why the passage of Medicaid Expansion was so important to rural Missouri, for both medical and economic reasons.

I was thrilled when it passed in the Missouri August Primary Election.

It passed despite the massive efforts of Missouri’s Republican Party and its candidates to sink the constitutional amendment. Republican candidate Karla Eslinger, who is my opponent in the November election, was vocal in her opposition to Medicaid Expansion.

Missouri’s Republican Party has developed a very bad habit of trying to reverse the will and vote of the people, with recent examples being Clean Missouri, which sought to make our elections more fair and with clean funding, rather than being funded through “dirty money” being donated through shady organizations who clearly have their own interests in mind rather than the interests of the citizens of Missouri. Now we have to vote on that again in November, this time voting NO on Amendment 3, which was purposely worded to trick voters. Now it is ironically being called “Dirty Missouri”. Make sure you vote NO.

With Missouri voters having strongly approved Medicaid Expansion with a 53.25 percent approval vote, the program should help thousands of low income Missourians beginning on July 21, 2021.

With that vote, Missouri joined five other conservative states that have passed Medicaid Expansion via ballot initiatives.

So how do Missourians best guarantee that their wishes on Medicaid Expansion will be supported?

The answer is to question candidates seriously about their stance on Medicaid Expansion, and make sure you are satisfied with their answers. Ask them point blank, regardless of their party, if they are going to support the will of the people and support the roll out of Medicaid Expansion.

Your best bet is to actively support and vote for candidates you KNOW will support Medicaid Expansion.

In the 33rd District, I am that candidate!

If you value the health of your family, your friends, and your neighbors, make sure you support me, and other candidates at every level who support health care issues which will help you and our community.

It’s not just about health. It is also about our economy. We all know the devastating effect it has on a community’s economy to lose its hospital. We don’t want to ever have to deal with a loss like that again, and we don’t want to have to watch any of our rural Missouri communities have to deal with that disaster.

With COVID-19, we see more than ever the important role our community hospitals play in both our health, and our economy.

I respectfully ask for your vote in November.

It is time to move rural Missouri forward.

Find out more about me at tammyhartyformissourisenate.com


Tammy Harty

Democratic Candidate

for Missouri Senate

District 33