Letter to the Editor

To The Editor... Doniphan Resident Voices Support For Amendment 3

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Communities of interest in Missouri should feel confident that their interests are being represented by local voices, and thatís exactly why Iím voting yes on Amendment 3. I am very proud of the rural community where I live, work and raise my family. We chose to build our lives here because we believe in the values and lifestyle that many others in our community also hold. We love the atmosphere and feel confident that our representatives and senators have our best interests at heart because theyíre also actively involved in our local communities and activities. If Missourians donít rally together to pass Amendment 3, I fear that our local representation will be in jeopardy. While I love and respect many of my friends who live in urban areas, I find that I donít generally agree with some of their political views. While there is nothing wrong with bipartisanship, I cannot imagine a legislator having to represent a district that is 50/50 on every issue. In fact, I think this will make it more difficult to govern effectively.

Having representation by local individuals in my community is important to my family and I, and I hope that my fellow Missourians will join me in passing Amendment 3 this general election.

Stephen Smith